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  • One Solution for all your needs : Manage and streamline all aspects of your distribution business with fully integrated Pothera ERP solution and its end-to-end distribution specific functionality.
  • Affordable and Efficient Solution to Run Your Business : Empower your distribution business with Pothera ER easy control, clear visibility and real-time insights. Lower costs and increase efficiency by leveraging Pothera ERP powerful intuitive features.
  • A powerful scalable platform for your business : ERP Development Companies Provides Embrace a best-in-class platform that offers more reliability, flexibility, scalability, and control to ensure you are always future-ready.

Distribution Functionality Made Easy with Pothera

  • Financial Management : Connected financial operations to accelerate transactions and optimize cash flow.
  • Sales & Distribution Management : Efficiently manage entire sales process and customer lifecycle from quotes to orders to deliveries to invoices.
  • Procurement and Inventory Management  : Handle entire procurement process easily along with managing logistics operations and updating inventory smoothly.
  • Warehouse Management System : Streamline and integrate warehouse operations with Pothera’s seamless supply chain and distribution processes.
  • Product Configurator: Configure, price and efficiently build customizable products.
  • E-commerce Integration: Streamline e-commerce processes by consolidating orders, inventory, and customer management into a unified platform.
  • Electronic Data Interchange: Enable seamless communication and reduce time and cost with real-time information exchange between trading partners.
  • Customer Portal: Empower customers with easy access and control over their information, and allow you to request and collect essential data from them.
  • Quality Management: Deliver high quality products that meet all regulatory and compliance requirements adhering to highest standards earning customer trust and loyalty.
  • Service Management: Differentiate your brand with exceptional client satisfaction by effectively managing every aspect of service calls and customer service information.
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting : Stay ahead of the curve with real-time visibility into your business performance and tools that help you make informed decisions.
  • Container Management : Optimize container utilization, real time tracking and other aspects of shipping and receiving containers. 

When it comes to distribution business, distributors face many challenges that include managing supply chains, inventory management and e-commerce transactions. Also, today’s customers are demanding than ever; they crave more choices, faster deliveries, and all at lower prices. These situations arise a question, how can distributors meet these needs and simultaneously grow?

Well, the answer lies in streamlining and gaining complete visibility into operations. To effectively manage the complexities of distribution business, distributors need an ERP system designed specifically to provide intuitive solutions to their challenges. ERP system like Pothera empowers distributors to streamline their business, achieve faster fulfilment at lower costs and keep their customers happy and satisfied.

Pothera for Distribution: Your Perfect Recipe for Growth

Pothera ERP helps distributors achieve their desired growth by providing them with end-to-end visibility and functionality required to streamline their business. Pothera ERP Software company for distribution is your catalyst for operational excellence that keeps your business operations at peak efficiency so you can grow and outpace the competition.

Thin Profit Margins

Today’s wholesale distribution landscape has cutthroat competition; even minor mistakes can hurt your business badly. You could maximize your profitability and be successful only when you streamline operations, optimize inventory levels, and minimize inaccuracies. By leveraging historical sales data, Pothera ERP generates precise inventory forecasts, taking the guesswork out of stocking decisions. With its robust tracking capabilities, you always have a clear picture of your stock’s precise location and movements. And for complete inventory visibility, Pothera ERP offers reliable, real-time insights into inbound and outbound inventory shipments, keeping you informed and agile in managing your supply chain.

Silos Due to Disparate Systems

Many distributors start their business using basic accounting software and familiar tools like spreadsheets. As they grow, they may add additional applications for tasks like inventory, warehouse management, and even e-commerce. However, these new tools often operate in silos or integrate poorly with the existing accounting system. This fragmented approach leads to segmented information, redundant data entry, and a frustrating lack of real-time visibility into your operations. Now, mistakes have become inevitable, and it’s challenging to track inventory levels, and your valuable time is wasted.

Inefficient Invoicing

Working with major online retailers like Amazon brings its own set of challenges. Keeping your business flourishing requires a smooth flow of cash, so you must be able to swiftly generate and transmit invoices to these giant companies. Given their extended payment terms, you want to ensure they receive your invoices quickly so you can maintain a healthy cash flow. Imagine a sudden surge in orders – without efficient invoicing, you may not have the necessary funds to fulfill demand.

Poorly Managed Inventory

For a wholesaler or a distributor, inventory is the core of their business. It is the most important asset in any distribution business. You must have a clear picture of safety stock levels, reorder points, cycle counts, and demand projections in real-time. While, some distributors might rely on inventory management systems. If these tools are separated from the operational system, you are left without a real-time update of your inventory status. Coupling spreadsheets with accounting software like QuickBooks can be an alternative but, in such case, you might have to update inventory status manually. This approach is time-consuming and opens doors to errors and inefficiency.

Inability to Track Quality

Distribution businesses in pharmaceutical, medical device, and food and beverage demand rigorous adherence to regulatory standards, particularly in product traceability. However, implementing product serialization, a key requirement for product tracing could be a complex task. Also, you need to encourage collaboration throughout your supply chain. You must be an expert at handling the non-standardized data your partners require to conduct business with you seamlessly.

Inadequate Visibility and Insight

In today’s competitive world, to stay ahead in the game and maximize profit; it’s the prime necessity to have a comprehensive view of operations in real-time. When there is perfect integration across the business and seamless information flows between departments, inventory updates happen automatically as stock moves. Equally crucial is the availability of robust reporting tools that offer insights into the performance report of your business, anytime you need it.

How Pothera ERP Solution Helps Wholesalers and Distributors

  • Access to real-time visibility across the business and its operations.
  • Accurate demand forecast helps to reduce costs, optimize inventory and control.
  • Quick and smooth product packing and shipping by knowing the exact location of items in warehouse(s).
  • Boost your supply chain by using vendor portal for better collaboration and deeper insights with your vendor partners.
  • Leverage technology to explore new revenue streams. Also, support innovative business models and customer centric services.
  • Consolidate quality and distribution processes to improve traceability and control.
  • Boost sales though e-commerce, personalized product, and fast configure-to-quote process.
  • Improve customer experience by ensuring on-time deliveries and shorter lead times.
  • Scale your business operations with advanced business intelligence and greater productivity.
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency with ERP Software for Distributors automated processes, end-to-end integration, and collaboration. Maximize margins through greater insight and reporting.

Today’s customers’ expectations are real-time product availability and delivery estimations. Industry giants like Amazon has conditioned the customers so they expect instant information and swift delivery. For the wholesalers and distributors to grow in this dynamic industry, they must be quick and responsive. Pothera ERP is based on newest technology and equips distributors and wholesalers with the agility and functionality they need to thrive and retain a competitive edge.

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