Supply Chain Management Company - B-Square

B-Square SCM (Supply Chain Management)

B-Square SCM (Supply Chain Management) is an integrated procurement and distribution solution for companies who seek reduced costs through enhanced supply chain processes and more effective supply management.

Advantages of B-Square SCM:
  • Take control of purchasing expenses and processes
  • Optimize the entire vendor relationship
  • Transform the ways you receive, deliver and replenish Extend the value of your supply chain.
  • Cost of ownership

B-Square SCM – Modules

  • MRP & Procurement Management
  • Sales Order & Dispatch Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Finance Management

MRP & Procurement Management

  • Purchase Management module under B-Square SCM streamlines procurement of required raw materials, packaging material, sub assembly and other administrative & maintenance items.
  • ERP generates automatic Purchase Indent through MRP process.
  • Unlimited PO Amendment & Tracking
  • Quotation Comparison Process
  • Supplier & Item mapping for price & slab wise discount
  • Vendor Scheduling

Sales Order & Dispatch Management

  • Sales module under B-Square SCM implements functions of order placements, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing. Sales and distribution management takes the responsibility of making sales and manage the distribution chain in order to make profit.
  • Shipping product to different location against a single sales order.
  • In-built functionality of making delivery note without a sales order and respective invoices can be made accordingly.
  • Provision to prepare a daily Sales Plan.
  • Software take cares GST compliances.
  • Software has functionality to define unlimited user definable new fields without any customization in Sales Order.
  • Unlimited SO Amendment and software maintain amendment history.

Store is an essential part of any manufacturing organization. The objective of a store is to smoothly and economically provide the right materials at the right time and in the right condition. Inventory is a capital and we need to reduce holding cost.

Inventory Management

  • ABC Analysis
  • Inventory Level (Minimum Level, Safety Level, Reorder Level) Analysis
  • Slow Moving & Non-Moving Analysis
  • Multiple Store maintain
  • Item tracking in multiple stores
  • Attributes wise Inventory Analysis
  • Expiry Date, Date of Purchase
  • Shelf Life Management
  • Stock Ageing
  • RGP Process
  • NRPG Process
  • In-depth feature of Landing Cost Calculation
  • Stock Transfer from one location to another location.
  • Physical Stock Verification

Finance Management

B-Square SCM is one-stop solution from accounting to compliance. Finance Management module is integrated with Inventory, Payroll, Purchase, Sales and Fixed Asset modules.

  • Cash Book & Bank Book
  • Ledgers & Trial Balance
  • Final Accounts with Annexure
  • Budget Vs Actual GL Analysis
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cost Centre Analysis
  • AR & AP
  • Vendor & Customer Ageing Analysis
  • Statutory Compliance – GST & TDS