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Improve vendor and employee efficiency, increase supply chain resilience and full integration across your entire enterprise.

Intact SCM is an outcome-driven intelligent supply chain solution suite powered by B-Square Solutions providing the right insight, at the right time.

Uncontrolled spending is a painful situation every business would like to avoid. Unrightfully placed orders, purchases made outside the procurement process & poor visibility into suppliers are causing chaos among decision-makers.

The first step towards controlling indirect spend & reduce this kind of losses is to switch to a Intact SCM software. This will allow procurement managers to monitor accountability and fiscal responsibility on a day-to-day basis.

Key Differentiators

Intact SCM Company B-Square Solutions is a cloud-based, multi-enterprise logistics software platform. It offers services that use automated, real-time data from customers, suppliers, and distribution channels to manage supply chain management software. It also provides sales and operation planning, order management, and inventory management, among other things, in a unified space.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Company

Benefits and Insights `
  • Better Data Visibility: Intact SCM, Supply Chain Management Software solution provides a beneficial bird’s eye view of critical processes. Data gathered from these tasks allows managing staff to properly plan ahead and make educated decisions.
  • Flexible Installation: Allows users to choose the components to be installed and the modules required to integrate the full-system into operations to improve supply chain functions.
  • Leverage the Cloud: Offers cloud access to important supply chain data to safely back-up critical information while having access from anywhere at any time.
  • Surpass Goals: Delivers a suite of tools to move supply chain planning and other management practices to a new level. Cut costs, boost productivity throughout the supply chain and gain visibility into important customer service metrics.
  • Incorporate New Technologies: Includes modern technology like Artificial Intelligence support into regular supply chain operations to get ahead of the curve.
  • Digitize Supply Chain: Supports digital data exchange to decrease daily operational costs. The supply chain can function quicker with fewer costs without on-site maintenance and older analog file organization systems.
  • Improved Efficiency: Automate and optimize tasks for inventory management tools to improve efficiency.