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Best ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Industry

Access to best medication has been the top priority of societies across the globe. Getting ERP software for Pharmaceutical Industry is essential for seamless business integration across multiple business domains, allowing them to optimize their results and customer reach. Automation of resource planning makes complex processes in this industry much easier for business professionals to handle.

So before choosing ERP software for Pharma Industry, it is important to know the specific benefits you get through software for its core functions. It provides timely updates and helps to manage companies’ day-to-day operations and much more.

Pharma Erp Software

Why is POTHERA ERP considered as the Best ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry?

  • Inventory management - creating modules for material wastage control and inventory level monitoring. Material requirement identification, triggering procurement caters to keep a check on inventory reserves, and timely maintenance of inventory reserves requires ERP software.
  • Marketing management - sales record and contract management, maintaining customer records and cookies, creating accurate quotations, automatic information migration, and improving campaign ROI’s requires ERP software for Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Distribution management - batch and lot tracking, batch monitoring, in-process quality check, and final product monitoring allows ERP software for distribution management.
  • Regulatory requirement documentation - quality management norm regulation and compliance, protocol validation, formulation management integration, and productivity boost come under regulatory requirement documentations.
  • Document management - statutory and compliance management, historical data recording, futuristic analysis and audit checks are important operations in document management.
  • Business process management - inter department collaboration, centralized database provision, keeping a first-in first-out basis, and expiry date recording could be possible with ERP software for Pharma Industry.
  • Financial and billing management - strategic management of orders, deliverables, account receivables, invoice generation, bank reconciliation, balance sheet generation, tax computation, and filing come under financial and billing management.
  • Quality control - improving customer relationship management, customer service, and logistics helps to keep a check on end product’s quality control.
  • Job work management - internal communication, cross-departmental data collection, attendance records, and real time compensation management requires an ERP software for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Growth is a big part of your business game plan, but have you thought about how you should be managing and streamlining all critical business areas? Even though there are many Indian ERP development companies in India, with POTHERA ERP, a pharmaceutical company gains a full view of all business activities, including financial, warehouse, and inventory management, across your supply chain and business operations.