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B-Square CRM is the best tool for doing more in less time. Get leads, drive sales, automate mundane tasks and connect with your prospects, and grow your business — all with the real customer-centric CRM. B-Square CRM provides businesses with the tools necessary to improve customer relations and identify marketing advantages. It helps organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing and customer service better and gives employees the ability to satisfy customer needs. We provide enterprise wide access to vital customer information anytime, anywhere, so you can manage your business with an integrated approach to inside and field sales, customer care and marketing.

  • Boost sales productivity with automation.
  • Improve customer retention and engagement.
  • Process automation replaces repetitive manual tasks
  • Quick Decision making & fast order conversion
  • High ROI

B-Square CRM – Standard Key Features

  • Social Media Lead Capturing.
  • Third Party Integration – Indiamart etc.
  • 360 degree view of your business.
  • Sales Team Efficiency.
  • Total visibility of sales pipeline.
  • Configurable Dashboard

Lead Management

Every business, big or small, depends on leads. Leads are potential customers who have shown interest in your solution but who have not yet made a purchase. For businesses to grow, you have to convert leads to loyal customers. You need to manage sales leads in an organized manner. Leads can import from excel template or create it through transaction form. Hierarchy can be maintained and higher authority can see lower hierarchy leads status. Leads can be assigned to any person. Alert system is inbuilt feature and user would get notification via SMS, Email and desktop alerts. User may update lead stages.

Our team of programmers, project managers and management experts design and build highly extensive and superior performing software to customize the requirements of the customers.

Lead Capturing Lead Qualified Lead assigned Lead Follow-up with updated communication

Opportunity Management

Opportunities in B-Square ERP are the core record type in the sales process. Used by the sales team, opportunities represent a potential sale for a specific customer. The creation of an opportunity adds this potential sale to the sales pipeline and therefore puts it on the radar of the sales manager who may be holding the team responsible for the progress of opportunities.

In addition to creating a pipeline, opportunities allow organizations to track the success of marketing efforts by tracking sales back to the original lead source and source campaign. In the same way, when an opportunity is lost, lost reasons and competitors can be tracked. Identifying sales opportunities is the most challenging part of the sales process. All the work your team puts in at this stage will dictate whether you win or lose a deal. The right opportunity management B-Square CRM can help you effectively win opportunities by helping you connect with the right people and by bringing all the necessary information together in a single place.

Lead Opportunity

Activity Management

Activity management is an integral part of B-Square CRM and administers all activities undertaken by the employees of your company. Any data saved in an activity is an important source of information that needs to be accessed by all relevant employees.

  • Appointments
  • Events
  • Meeting Schedule

You can use activity management at any time during the CRM life cycle. Activities such as interaction logs and appointments keep a record of any interaction that has taken place between your company and its customers.

Task Management

Task management is the process of effective allocation and distribution of tasks in an organization for an increased professional and personal productivity. Basically, this involves the proper management of various customer relationship management (CRM) functions and more abstract sales. It helps in scheduling various tasks that come across service, sales, contact center, and other marketing functions.

B-Square CRM task management software manages everyday business tasks and helps in saving the time for logging the timesheets. The tools include automatic event reminders, checking employee availability, resource management, priority-based task tracking, and email notification of assigned tasks. Calendars are used to manage and schedule appointments. B-Square CRM task management system also helps in assigning a task to another team or individual.

Quotation & Amendment Management

B-Square CRM provides to create Sales Quotation for prospect or existing customers. User may prepare it very easily without any training. Quick implementation is a important factor of B-Square CRM. Also, software has functionality to do amendment in sales quotation and B-Square CRM maintains history.

Complaint Management

Managing complaints is a supportive business practice for ensuring best customer service in any company. By having web based complaint management systems in place, businesses can use the information that is captured to make process improvements to achieve quality output.

Once a customer bought your product, each time he contact you for support you need to log a complaint with ticket number so as to track the complaint till it’s resolution up-to customer satisfaction. B-Square CRM online customer complaint management system software organize the process of complaint management with logging the complaint with ticket number, easy escalation of complaint to skilled forced according to severity and nature of the complaint and track the solution. Thus, enhancing efficiency of complaint handling process.

Customer complaint management Software provides you a robust complaint management section where you can put all the queries of a particular customer, can classify them on the basis of severity, their occurrence, their importance and then record all the comprehensive solutions in your database for post analysis. Online customer complaint system and service contacts are an opportunity to show your clients how important they are. If you exceed their expectations they will be loyal customers for years to come. Customer complaint management software allow entry, tracking, recording and recalling customer contact history to better customer experience and customer complaint handling.

Warranty Management

B-Square CRM online warranty management module streamlines warranty process to reduce warranty costs and increase service revenues. Using our warranty management software, all stakeholders including manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and end-user customers can collaborate to reduce warranty expenditures, improve product quality, and enhance customer experience. In Service Industry warranty management software or warranty tracker up to customer satisfaction can increase customer confidence, reduce operational costs and provide the opportunity to generate revenue to the company. B-Square CRM warranty management module is a technical and smart way of maintaining complete customer, products and their warranty details. Optimize Warranty Management: Simple, Streamlined, Smarter by implementing our “online warranty management system software”.

Preventive Maintenance

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is a chargeable agreement between a client and the vendor in regards to the maintenance of the product(s). B-Square CRM AMC management module dashboard display concise information on all AMC’s due. The details of AMC reaching renewal can be accessed by some click on the same cloud based platform. Client may manage Annual Maintenance Contracts, Preventive Maintenance Contracts, Business Promotion Calls, Product Delivery Calls, and Complaint Service Calls for any type of products that could have warranty contracts and needs regular servicing.

Installation / Commissioning

Once the contract is won & finally closed, it is submitted to get installed. The Key date is set & assigned to some of the service engineer from the staff. It involves a detailed explanation & demonstration of the product during the handover. Although, it is a major overhead but, appropriate service delivery even before the customer’s prompt, accomplish client’s faith upon his vendor. Using B-Square CRM installation management software you will get a list pending installation list in your screen and you can schedule workforce to complete the task.